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Satellite Roof Measurements and Estimate

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My Roof IQ is committed to Social Distance Roofing. Powered by DIY Roofs, we are able to provide 100% contact free satellite roof measurements and estimate.

Accurate Satellite Measurements Support Clear Cost Savings

Satellite Roof Reports deliver measurements of your home and its roof based on aerial photos. You’ve heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, a picture may help you to save thousands of dollars on your roof replacement project. A Satellite Roof Report helps to make sure that you don’t order more materials than you need to complete your project. As a result, you save money.

Satellite Imagery Helps Contractors

Precise, satellite-based roof measurements make your roofing contractor’s job easier, which can equate to cost savings to you. Reputable roofing contractors are busy during certain seasons of the year. Therefore, they can plan their schedules and allocate labor better if they know more information about your project. Our Roofing Calculator tool ensures that a contracting company has the information that it needs to install your roof without employing complex and expensive project management tactics. The calculator uses variables such as roof size, slope, height, condition, and desired material to produce a more accurate cost estimate for you and your roofing contractor.

Satellite Roof Measurements and Estimates Save Time

Our mission is to give homeowners cost-effective alternatives for roofing projects. If you don’t have any roof measurements ready, getting a Satellite Roof Report is fast, accurate, and cost-effective. You don’t have to wait for a roofing contractor to show up to your home to measure the roof. You just order the report online after filling out a simple form. This quick way of getting precise measurements helps you to move forward with your project, get an appointment with a talented contractor, and take advantage of deals on roofing materials.