A Complete Roofing Guide for the Consumer

A Complete Roofing Guide for the Consumer

My Roof IQ takes the radical approach of empowering the consumer by uncovering the roofing industry. We offer a complete roofing guide for consumers for roof repair and roof replacement projects. Our goal is to inform you, the customer, by offering 100% transparency for all of your roofing needs. In the coming months we will add content to fully explain the roofing process and give you all of the knowledge of a professional roofing contractor. We will tell you exactly how much the roofing contractor is paying for material and supplies, the cost of labor, sales budgets, markup, margin and much, much more. We’ll even show you how to manage your own roofing project to save the most. Our goal is to let you decide your best plan and ultimately save you money.

Free Roof Estimate

As we continue to build out our website, we can now offer a Satellite Roof Estimate through DIY Roofs. This site is intended for homeowners of single family homes who are serious about replacing their roof. If you don’t have any roof measurements ready, getting a Satellite Roof Estimate Report is fast, accurate, and cost-effective. You don’t have to wait for a roofing contractor to show up to your home to measure the roof. This quick way of getting precise measurements helps you to move forward with your project, get an appointment with a talented contractor, and take advantage of deals on roofing materials.

Roofing Calculator

Use the Roofing Calculator to get a general estimate for the cost of your roof replacement. The Roof Calculator will give you an estimated price for your project based on your roof size, condition, and the materials that you want to be installed. The calculator is unbiased and bases material cost estimates on local market prices.

More To Come

We hope you check back often as we continue to update our complete roofing guide for consumers for roof repair and roof replacement.

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